What is the Best Synonym for Arduous?

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What is the Best Synonym for Arduous?
synonym for arduous

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During his residency in Hamilton, in addition to the arduous duties of practicing medicine, he found time to study the natural sciences, particularly chemistry.

Its extent, as vast as the universe, cannot be measured by any statistical means other than p, and the collection of material for this purpose involves the most arduous initial labor.

Perhaps no public department has been put on a more arduous task than that imposed by transfer to the post office.

Through a combination of skill and tenacity, this pot of gold successfully negotiates the two phases of an arduous course.

Like mood disorders, combined treatment makes therapy more complex and difficult.

But the task is too daunting to allow for long and arduous conversations; The potential for contamination has now been reduced by carefully separating the less harsh ones from the older offenders.

After an arduous journey through parts of Multan and Rajputana, they reached Somnath and met a very vigorous but fruitless resistance in parts.

After an arduous and anxious tenure, the president had come at a time when he was promised a respite from comparative comfort and care.

This long and arduous journey across Europe can last for several days, causing great suffering to these sensitive and intelligent animals.

Families or individuals considering adoption often have several things to consider before beginning the arduous process of adopting a child.

The road to a successful adoption can be long and arduous, but the benefits of loving a child can certainly make the adoption process worth all the effort.

Now he is faced with an arduous journey to a faraway land where if Menelik died there would be chaos.

Shopping at an outlet mall requires a certain amount of stamina, but again, since men usually don’t have to try on suits, the process isn’t too arduous.

The most recent improvement that Wolverine has made to their already comfortable footwear is the multishot, and they have no intention of resting on their honor as they continue to create shoes that will easily find the wearer on even arduous days.

Because the application process can be quite arduous and take a long time, it is best to apply for benefits as soon as you become disabled.

Our dear teacher, you are the spring of spring that moistens our hearts. The love and care you have given us will encourage us through a long and arduous journey.

The main support he received through the arduous work of his life was the hope that he would enjoy the fame and profit he had hoped for from his dictionary.

It is one of the most curious features of these wars that no city was ever besieged, although there were many long and arduous sieges, such as Harlech, Alnwick, and Farnborough.

The arduous task of keeping these treaties fell on the Indian government and involved great sacrifices of life and money.

The success with which Nearchus completed this arduous undertaking prompted Alexander to select him for the more difficult task of circumnavigating Arabia from the mouth of the Euphrates to the Isthmus of Suez.

Taylor trapped herself in an impossibly arduous schedule, apparently experimenting with it, cramming it all together.

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