What is Kaal sarp dosha?

What is Kaal sarp dosha?

When two or more planets come together in one place, it is called Yoga. When this yoga gives inauspicious results in a person’s life, then it is called a defect.

What is Kaal sarp dosha?

This dosha arises when all the planets Rahu (Dragon’s head) and Ketu (Dragon’s tail) are together in a person’s birth chart. Ancient Indian astrology is silent on this dosha and modern Indian astrologers are yet to finalize the existence and consequences of this dosha in the horoscope.

In this dosha, all the planets are aspected by Rahu and Ketu and the person gets influenced by the situation/environment and finds nothing to be successful in life.

Ancient scholars of astrology have accepted this defect but its details are not available. Maharishi (sage) Parashara, sage Varahamihira, sage Bhrigu, etc. accepted this flaw. Actually, Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets in Vedic astrology. Astronomically they are the ascending node and the two nodes of the descending node of the orbit. Hence they are able to create mystery in a person’s life and a person never holds onto things in life like one can never hold onto a shadow.

The result (combination) of this dosha.

1 house disturbed the peace
2 No Offspring
3 Separation between husband and wife
4 chronic diseases
5 accidents
6 Depression
7 disturbed sleep, dreams
8 Psychological problems
9 Hidden Enemies
10 Career Change
11 Huge Unwanted Expenses
12 Lively Travel
13 Suicidal Tendencies
14 The Many Obstacles In Life Negotiations
15 loans

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This kind of fault

There are 12 basic types of this yoga which can be innumerable as they produce different types of effects

Measure (at one’s own risk)

Here are some simple remedies according to the Indian concept of Upasana and Tantra. It is advised not to follow these remedies blindly, it is better to take the advice of the author before applying

  1. Worship Lord Shiva every Monday
    Chant Om Namah Shivay mantra 108 times daily
    Offer a little pure milk mixed with pure water on the Shivling.
    (i.e. cylindrical stone called Shiva Linga)
    Apply a paste of sandalwood powder on the forehead daily.
    3 Throw 4 kg of lead metal in deep flowing water along with carbon black (kajal) and mustard oil on Wednesday evening or on the day of a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse or new moon.
    4 Keeping peacock feathers in the house
    Cat’s eye and harmonics wearing 5 gems are in paddles or rings made of five metals gold, and silver. Zip set, iron copper.
    To get rid of the ill effects of this curse called Kaal Sarp Dosh, many remedies have been suggested.

Is this defect also beneficial?

Yes, this yoga is beneficial in many cases and if this yoga starts giving positive results then the sky is no limit for those people.

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FAQ for Kaal sarp dosha?

What happens if you have Kaal Sarp dosh?

Due to Kaal Sarp Dosh, there can be many painful consequences in life. If Ketu is in the seventh house and Rahu is in the first house, then Kaal Sarp Dosh affects the marriage of the native. Kaal Sarp Dosh has many side effects on married life and married life becomes weak.

Which type of black snake is better?

If Rahu is situated in the sixth house then Shankhchud Kalsarp Dosh is formed and on the other hand, Ketu is situated in the twelfth house of the horoscope. The good thing about this recipe is that people born with this dosha usually have their wishes fulfilled.

At what age does Kaal Sarp Dosh start?

Kaal Sarp Dosh After 33 years, when all the planets come between Rahu and Ketu, it is called Kaal Sarp Dosh. So if the planets move towards Ketu then it is Kaal Sarp Yog.

What is the reason for the black snake defect?

If Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in between Rahu and Ketu then Kalsarp Dosh is formed.

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