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what is astrology

Astrology is the study of planetary positions to determine further things in life as well as events and details related to past lives or actions. The earliest records of astrology or signs date back to the 3rd millennium BCE. Astrology has influenced culture, early astronomy, and other disciplines over time.

what is Astrology? and Astrological predictions - Free wiki

Astrology uses two methods to predict the future – one is astrological transit and the other is astrological progression. It is important to understand how both play a role in how horoscopes are read and predicted. Astrological transits look at the movements of planets and space and the effects of such movements on n individual horoscopes.

Astrological Progression uses a set of methods to determine how a horoscope has progressed through time. Nowadays, astrologers no longer predict actual events. What they do instead is extrapolate various common astrological events for better results and give importance to arbitrary and unrelated events.

There are three main astrological traditions. These are Vedic astrology, Western astrology, and Chinese astrology. Vedic and Western astrology uses an astrological chart or horoscope and predicts them using the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

However, the point of difference between Vedic and Western astrology is the association of the zodiac signs with their parent constellations, which, while not present in Western astrology, is considered paramount in Vedic astrology. The main feature of Vedic astrology is the use of nakshatras or periods of planets known as lunar planets and doshas in predicting the future.

Chinese astrology uses an approach that is very different from Vedic and Western astrology. Instead of dividing the zodiac signs according to the sky, they are divided according to the celestial equator. Here each zodiac sign stands for a year and the sign is combined with a system that uses the five elements of Chinese cosmology to give a 60 (12 x 5) year cycle. Chinese astrology is a system that is not only used in China, it is used in many Asian countries.

Now the question is what kind of predictions can astrology make? Yes to some extent. Astrology, though considered a type of superstition by many scientific thinkers, is actually a science as there is substantial research behind each prediction. Reliable astrologers are able to deduce future effects for accuracy, but accuracy also depends on providing correct information and calculating wisely.

Among the various methods of astrology available, Nadi Zosiyam is considered to be the most accurate as it is based on past life readings taken from the holidays available at the Bhideeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu, India.

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what is Astrology? and Astrological predictions - Free wiki

Astrological prediction

Opinions about astrological predictions are generally divided. In fact, both views are based on a misunderstanding of the nature of the methodology of astrology.

While this may come as a surprise to true believers, many astrologers believe that astrology cannot accurately predict your future, although astrology can indeed reveal your future tendencies.

If an astrologer tells you that next Tuesday you’ll be walking down the street, and accidentally stumble and fall, a fire hydrant will explode your left wrist, that would be a pretty accurate prediction, wouldn’t it? But no astrologer ever makes such a prediction. Perhaps, some astrologer will say: next Tuesday there is some danger of an accident; Try to be more careful than usual.

It is certainly not an accurate prediction, but a statement, based on certain astrological techniques, about the likelihood of a certain type of event occurring. This is the real power of astrology: not to tell you what is going to happen (as that is beyond its power), but to inform you about the likelihood of certain types of events occurring.

Astrology is not used to predict the future. It is used to help you gain insight and understanding of patterns and directions in your life. It’s not absolute, but it’s an indicator. If you don’t like what your astrology or birth chart tells you, it is definitely within your power to change it.

Astrology can give you insight into a possible fate, but there are too many variables, including the decisions you make, to predict what will happen in the future with any degree of accuracy.

Astrology is mystical

As time passes, more and more stress arises in everyone’s life to deal with the adversities that come their way. There are many events in a man’s life that seem like a bolt from the blue.

So, when it is unexpected, it creates more problems. This is one reason why most people are attracted to the idea of knowing what the situation is going to be like. Although this concept may sound strange astrology is definitely helping people.

Astrology refers to the methods developed by the ancient people, however, there have been some changes that have contributed to the modern world, yet, the basic principles remain intact. If you call it the science of the stars, you are not far off the mark. It basically describes the star’s relationship with you and the influence of the position of this star at the time of your birth.

That’s the whole idea behind astrology, but it’s not as simple as it sounds in words. There are many other complications that are considered to give an accurate reading. Astrology is really doing wonders and it has not lost its shine in today’s modern world.

The fact is that a skilled astrologer is quite capable of pinpointing the times when you have to go through bad times and it is very clear that if you know this, you will be in a better position to deal with the situation. However, the burning question is whether it is really possible to change your future with the help of astrology.

Well, the answer is simple, astrology cannot avoid those situations and in some cases can actually indicate situations, however, it can indicate the times when you need to be careful. Apart from this, there are many other uses that can be considered.

For example, you can easily benefit from astrological readings on relationships and marriage. You can easily get some readings to predict your wedding date. For some people who are not really well versed in the astrological dimensions, it can be really exciting to find out what they can bring closer to their future.

However, one important fact is that you should go for an astrologer who has the best knowledge and experience in this industry. You must understand that this is not something that everyone can learn, it requires some hard effort and you have to spend a lot of your time acquiring the art of astrology.

Most people take a few years to make a birth chart. However, as people get more curious about their future, so do more shady astrologers who can really hurt you emotionally and financially, so stay away from them.

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Vedic Astrology explained

what is astrology FAQ:-

What is the true meaning of astrology?

Astrology is a method of predicting earthly events based on the idea that celestial bodies—especially planets and stars considered in their arbitrary combinations or configurations (called constellations)—are in some way responsible for changes in the sublunar world. determinate or direct.

Is astrology based on God?

Astrology does not require a deity or idolatry; Instead, it posits an infinite and objective intelligence that spans heaven and earth in a grand symphony of meaning. The root of the word religion is the Latin religion, which means to join together.

Is astrology a form of psychology?

Astrology is primarily of interest to psychology because it contains an early theory of personality types, which relates the physical and psychological characteristics of individuals to the perceived influence of the heavens.

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