37+ Best Synonyms for Athletic in English

Synonyms for Athletic:-

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for athleticfit
synonyms for athletic
Synonyms for Athletic in English
synonyms for athletic

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Athletic in a sentence:-

He was educated at home and at the University of Strasbourg, where he was primarily known for his athletic prowess.

In the report, they warn that continuing to wear skimpy athletic uniforms for women could have a detrimental effect on encouraging young women to participate in athletics because of body image issues.

Two brothers envy their half-brother Focus’s athletic prowess, killing him; But the crime is discovered, and Peleus and Telamon are exiled.

He explained that most athletic activities such as running, climbing, swimming or skiing, and ice climbing arose from a practical need for space that was otherwise not easily accessible.

The keyboard had wide dynamics and alert articulation along with athletic coverage so we were always able to enjoy detail.

The former Charlton Athletic defender, who joined the Bluebirds this summer, missed the start of his Scandinavian tour with knee pain.

A well-formed, athletic body achieved after sustained carbohydrate intake requires both protein and the net energy provided by glucose.

In the first three opening games against newcomers to the Ryman Premier, the Dons faced newly returned local rivals Carshalton Athletic at Colston Avenue.

He certainly seems to have been the opposite of athletic (the veteran Askins suggests he was never an athlete), and probably had some errors or impediments to his speech as a boy.

Athletic supports provide additional support for the genitals, while other types of men’s underwear have hidden pockets for valuables and money.

Greg is a bit of a misfit and not particularly athletic or academically gifted, and Kinney himself says that Greg isn’t a great role model and doesn’t have many redeeming qualities.

While the focus is an important component of athletic training, it is also important for athletes to try and maintain balance in their lives.

The Student Resources section of the website includes counseling information, a course list, a lunch menu, the ability to view a transcript, and activity and athletic information.

Your high school or favorite local sports team may sell pullover athletic apparel such as sweaters or hoodies as part of a school program or fundraiser.

When used as prescribed, it can be a powerful pain reliever for back pain, pain after a car accident, pain related to surgery, and athletic injuries.

A football uniform consists of a football jersey, tight athletic pants, football cleats, a helmet, and all the padding underneath.

For those who just need a good athletic short, Puma makes the All Play Short, a simple design with an elasticated waist, front pockets, and an arched reverse side panel.

Some state college systems are intertwined, but others have no formal connection, perhaps belonging to the same athletic conference.

A unique design that is cut in a lean athletic style, the Knit Shorts are perfect for casual wear along the golf course.

Plus-size women are not left out; Cotton bras on This Old House can have a cotton inner liner with a silky outer material or can be made for athletic wear.

If you’re a curvy athletic woman looking to improve the comfort of your cycling experience, you may want to consider buying women’s plus-size cycling shorts.

Synonym for Athletic FAQ:-

How would you describe an athletic person?

Energetic is the best word to report an athlete who plays a sport that requires a many of energy. This means that the athlete does not tire easily and has great stamina or stamina. For E.g. “He makes a great defender because he’s smart and energetic.” Another word for “fit” is “in good shape”.

What does it mean to be an athlete?

adjective physically energetic and powerful; Good at athletics or sports: An athletic child. An athlete, like, or fit. of or relating to athletes; involves the use of physical skills or abilities, such as strength, agility, or stamina: athletic sports; physical exercise training. For athletics: an athletic field.

Is being athletic a skill?

Athleticism is essential to an ideal “skill” performance, thus one must distinguish between the two: athleticism is the quality of strength (as well as other physical attributes) and strength is what makes a great athlete. Skill is the capability to do something well; skills

Do you call yourself an athlete?

Kristen Dieffenbach, associate professor of athletic coaching education and sports psychology consultant at West Virginia University, explains that calling yourself an “athlete” can play a significant role in how you see yourself and how you ultimately perform. “Everybody should think of independently as an athlete.

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