25+ Synonyms for Allow and Antonyms

Synonyms for Allow:-

Synonyms for Allow and Antonyms
  1. Permit
  2. Authorize
  3. Enable
  4. Sanction
  5. Grant
  6. Approve
  7. Consent
  8. Admit
  9. Entitle
  10. Empower
  11. License
  12. Endorse
  13. Ratify
  14. Accede
  15. Concede
  16. Tolerate
  17. Acknowledge
  18. Afford
  19. Comply
  20. Recognize
  21. Concur
  22. Yield
  23. Agree
  24. Suffer
  25. Endure

What is the definition of allow?

The word “allow” means to give permission for something to happen or to be done, to enable or permit something, or to accept or acknowledge something as valid or true.

What is the meaning of allow?

“Allow” means to give approval, permission, or consent for something to happen or to enable someone to do something, or to recognize the validity or truth of something.

Antonyms of allow:-

25+ Synonyms for Allow and Antonyms


Allow in a sentence:-

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I cannot allow you to continue behaving in this manner.

The rules allow for certain exceptions.

The law doesn’t allow for any wiggle room.

We will allow an extra hour for the presentation.

This software does not allow for customization.

The budget doesn’t allow for any additional expenses.

You should always allow time for unforeseen circumstances.

The dress code does not allow for shorts or flip-flops.

We cannot allow our competitors to gain an advantage.

The doctor said I should allow time for the medication to work.

The company policy does not allow employees to work from home.

The teacher will allow extra credit for students who participate in
class discussions.

The contract doesn’t allow for any changes to be made.

The venue doesn’t allow outside food or drinks.

The weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities today.

The rules don’t allow any electronic devices in the exam room.

The diet doesn’t allow for any sugary or fatty foods.

The security guard wouldn’t allow us to enter the building without proper identification.

The law doesn’t allow for discrimination based on age or gender.

We should allow time for the glue to dry before handling the object.

The hotel doesn’t allow pets on the premises.

The venue doesn’t allow smoking.

The policy doesn’t allow for refunds.

The recipe doesn’t allow for substitutions.

The rules don’t allow for late submissions.

The company doesn’t allow for overtime without prior approval.

The airline doesn’t allow for carry-on luggage exceeding a certain size.

The park doesn’t allow for camping overnight.

The store doesn’t allow for returns without a receipt.

The school doesn’t allow for hats or hoods to be worn inside.

The company doesn’t allow for the use of personal devices during work hours.

The website doesn’t allow for downloads without a paid subscription.

It’ll allow you to stay here as long as you behave yourself.

The company policy does not allow employees to use their personal devices at work.

The teacher will allow extra time for students with disabilities to complete the test.

He will allow his son to borrow the car on weekends.

The landlord doesn’t allow pets in the apartment complex.

The judge will not allow evidence that was obtained illegally.

The doctor may allow you to resume normal activities after two weeks.

The security guard will not allow anyone without a badge to enter the building.

The dress code does not allow jeans or sneakers in the office.

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The restaurant will allow substitutions for dietary restrictions.

She won’t allow her children to watch violent movies.

The company will allow you to work from home on certain days.

The library doesn’t allow food or drinks inside.

The store will not allow returns without a receipt.

The park doesn’t allow smoking on the premises.

The team captain will allow substitutions during the game.

The museum doesn’t allow photography in some exhibits.

The hotel may allow early check-in for an additional fee.

The club will not allow underage patrons to enter.

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