Sidereal vs Tropical Astrology

Sidereal vs Tropical

Sidereal Astrology

The sidereal or eastern system of astrology is based on the position of the fixed stars and constellations in the sky, while the tropical zodiacal, or western system of astrology is based on the position of the Sun relative to Earth. Sidereal astrology is a method of astrology used by some Western astrologers, who base their interpretations on the use of sidereal zodiac signs.

Sidereal vs Tropical Astrology

It was introduced to the West by Irish astrologer Cyril Fagan in 1944 and is practiced by a minority of Western astrologers. Sidereal astrology links its zodiac signs to actual constellations and is more complex, yet mathematically based, than Western astrology.

Originally, the first degree of the zodiac was common to both systems. However, due to the peculiarities of the Earth’s orbit, the strip of stars and constellations associated with the tropical zodiac appears to change. As a result, the two sums diverge. This is called the equinox, and today the difference between the two systems is believed to be about 23 degrees.

Thus, if a person is born on January 1, then according to the western system, his Sun will be in Capricorn, but according to the lateral system, the Sun will be in Sagittarius at about 16 degrees.

It is better to use the constellation method from practical experience. It is mathematically more precise, and it also delves into the finer elements of nature, such as mind, intellect, and spirit, to present a more complete picture of our soul’s position in the realm of time and space.

The Nakshatra Astrology system notes down the strengths and weaknesses that a person will experience in life and also recommends remedial measures to improve our future. The karma or destiny with which we are born is determined by the deeds of our past lives. Spiritual astrology in India suggests that karma is not eternal and can be changed.

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Tropical Astrology:-

Tropic astrology is an older astrological division of the sky. When zodiac signs were invented, the positions of the constellations were written down. But since then, the preponderance has caused the entire zodiac to change almost completely, so someone who was once born in Virgo is now likely to be born in Leo—with the personality change that comes with it. Tropical astrology ignores this and continues to use the old tables – which have nothing to do with the positions of the planets in the sky.

Sidereal astrology acknowledges the problem with changing signs, but digs itself deeper into the ridiculous: The more sidereal astrologers try to follow the actual divisions of the sky, the more they distance themselves from old wisdom. Sidereal astrologers cannot claim to be based on ancient knowledge, but their signs and characteristics must have changed over time. They in turn invalidate the whole concept of astrology. The true astronomical signs are now many days away from the sidereal system – so sidereal astrology is also not using the correct star signs.

Sidereal astrology uses the actual constellation in which the Sun is located at the time of birth as its base; Tropical astrology uses the 30-degree sector of the zodiac as its base. Tropical astrology is the most popular form and determines its readings based on the time of year, usually ignoring the positions of the Sun and constellations relative to each other. Sidereal astrology is used by a minority of astrologers and is based on the constellations closest to the Sun at the time of birth.

According to some astrologers, the data supports the hypothesis that there is a connection between celestial objects and human events. The association between astrological signs and things like personality, emotions, and human destiny is purely coincidental.

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History of Astronomy

FAQ for Sidereal vs Tropical Astrology:-

What is the meaning of Nakshatra in astrology?

Sidereal astrology maintains alignment between signs and constellations through a corrective method called ayanamsa (Sanskrit: ‘Ayana’ “movement” + ‘ash’ “component”), in order to observe the equinoxes while the Northern Hemisphere cycles are in the tropics. based on. Astrological Seasons.

Is sidereal astrology more accurate?

Ancient cultures – such as the Egyptians, Persians, Vedic, and Maya – have always relied on lateral systems. He considered it more accurate because it was based on an actual link between the time of birth and the natural world, as opposed to a theoretical position based on the Earth’s seasons.

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