Best prescription writing practice for Patient Safety

Prescription writing practice:-

Prescription:- Prescription is the written order by a registered medical practitioner comprising of one or more medicine together with an instruction to the pharmacist for preparing and dispensing as well as direction to the patient for taking it.

Best prescription writing practice for Patient Safety
prescription writing practice

The prescription should be written on a prescription pad, on which the doctor’s full name with a professional degree, registration number, contact number with full address should be written clearly. So that patients can contact in case of emergency or any kind of adverse drug reaction.

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Parts of Prescription writing:-

1. Patient details: It is important for the identification of the patient. It includes the name, age, gender, religion, body weight, and address of the patient. It is written on the left upper top age. Bodyweight is important for appropriate dose calculation especially for children and elderly persons. Gender is important to avoid any fetal malformation in females and any hormonal alteration.

2. Place and Date: It is written on the right upper top of the prescription. It is important for maintaining the drug record of the patient.

3. Superscription: (Rx) It is an abbreviation of a recipe. Conventionally it is the name of the Greek God of health (Venus) meaning take thou.

4. Inscription: It is called the body of prescription.

  • a. Basis: Main drug
  • b. Adjuvant: To enhance or assist the action of main drug.
  • c. Corrigent: corrects the undesirable taste or smell of basis.
  • d. Vehicle:An inert substance, acts like a medium in which drug in prepared and it also increases the volume of drug suitable for administration.

5. Subscription: Directions given to pharmacists for preparing and dispensing the drug. It is written as “mix and make a mixture or lotion” for two or more ingredients and dispense the given amount.

6. Signature: Direction given to the patient for taking the drug. It contains an amount dose of the drug. route and frequency of drug administration.

  1. Transcription: It is initial of the prescriber with date and is written on the right bottom of prescription and has medicolegal importance.

prescription writing examples:-

prescription writing practice for Patient Safety,
prescription writing example,
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