10+ Best Panchatantra Stories for kids & Fairy Tale Stories

Panchatantra Stories for kids

Rose of Pride

Once upon a time in a desert far away there was a rose that was proud of its beauty. His only complaint was growing next to an ugly cactus.

Fairy Tale Stories

Every day, the beautiful rose insulted and mocked the cactus with her looks, despite the fact that the cactus remained calm. Other nearby plants tried to convince Rose, but she was overwhelmed by her appearance.

The scorching heat dried up the desert and there was no water left for the plants. The rose began to wither quickly. Its beautiful petals have withered, losing their luscious color.

Looking at the cactus, he saw a sparrow dipping its beak and drinking water from the cactus. A shy rose asked the cactus if she could have some water. Kind Cactus readily agrees, helping the two of them as friends through the difficult summer.

Never judge someone by their looks.

Fox and grapes

One day a fox became very hungry when he went looking for something to eat. He searched high and low, but could not find anything to eat.

10+ Best Panchatantra Stories for kids & Fairy Tale Stories

Finally, with a growl of his stomach, he hit a farmer’s wall. At the top of the wall, he saw the largest, lushest vineyard he had ever seen. They had a rich, purple color, telling foxes that they were ready to eat.

The fox had to jump high in the air to reach the grapes. Leaping, he opened his mouth to grab the grape, but he missed. The fox tried again but missed again.

He tried many more times but kept failing.

Finally, the fox decided it was time to give up and go home. “I bet the grapes were sour,” he muttered as he left.


Never despise what we don’t have; Nothing comes easy.

The milkmaid and her pail

One day the milkmaid Molly filled her bowl with milk. His job was to milk the cows, then bring the milk to the market to sell. Molly liked to think about how to spend her money.
As he went to the market with a bowl full of milk, he thought again of all the things he wanted to buy. While walking down the street, he thought of buying a cake and a basket full of fresh strawberries.

After some distance on the road, he saw a rooster. He thought, “I will buy a chicken myself with the money I get from today. That chicken will lay eggs, then I can sell the milk and eggs and get more money!”

She continued, “With more money, I could buy a fancy dress and make all the other milkies jealous.” Excited, Molly forgot about Payal’s milk and started avoiding it. Soon, milk starts spilling over Molly.
Molly said to herself wetly, “Oh no! I won’t have money to buy any more chickens.” He took his empty bowl and went into the house.

“Oh my god! What happened to you?” Molly’s mother asked.
“I was so busy dreaming about all the things I wanted to buy that I forgot the bucket,” she replied.
“Oh, Molly, my darling. How many times must I say, ‘Don’t count until your chickens come?’

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

A Glass of Milk

There as soon as became a negative boy who spent his days going door-to-door promoting newspapers to pay for school. One day, as he became on foot his route, he began out feeling low and weak. The negative boy became starving, so he determined to invite him for meals whilst he got here subsequent door.

The negative boy requested meals however became denied on every occasion till he reached the door of a lady. He requested a tumbler of water, however seeing his negative state, the lady got here and returned with a tumbler of milk. The boy requested how a good deal he owed her for the milk, however, she refused payment.

Years later, the lady, who became now a grown woman, fell sick. She went from health practitioner to health practitioner, however, nobody became capable of treating her. Finally, she went to the quality health practitioner in town.

The health practitioner spent months treating her till she became in the end cure. Despite her happiness, she became afraid she could not have the funds to pay the bill. But, whilst the sanatorium surpassed her bill, it read, ‘Paid in full, with a tumbler of milk.’

The Moral

No appropriate deed is going unrewarded.

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Sleeping Beauty

It is the story of Princess Aurora, the long-awaited daughter of the king and queen, who died after falling from a spinning wheel after being cursed by an evil witch because her parents did not invite the fairy to be her Christian.

Fortunately, one of the good fairies invited to the christening was able to help. Although the princess would still be torn, she would not die but would sleep for a hundred years. She was blessed with other good fairies, and so she became a beautiful, kind and obedient young woman, often called Briar Rose.

As predicted, on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora was hit on her finger by a spinning wheel and fell into a deep sleep with every man, woman, child, and animal in the palace.

A hundred years later, a young prince tried to visit the palace to see the famous beauty who had been sleeping for so long. When he found her, he was stunned by her beauty and leaned in for a kiss. This breaks the curse and soon everyone in the palace wakes up from their long, hundred years of sleep. The prince and princess were married, and the kingdom was once again happy and peaceful.

The beauty of sleep teaches us that although evil can sometimes hinder our lives, when good intervenes, it can soften the blow, and eventually evil will be defeated.


A poor couple found themselves in great trouble after stealing fruit from their neighbor’s garden. The neighbor, who was a witch, came to know about the theft and demanded that they give her the child when she was born, to which the couple agreed.

A young girl named Rapunzel was made very beautiful by a witch, but the evil witch trapped her in a tower, with no way in or out. When the witch came in and wanted to see her, she would say “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down so I can climb the golden ladder.”

One day, while Rapunzel is singing to pass the time, she attracts the attention of a young prince, who is so charmed by her voice that he learns the secret of her contact. Rapunzel is initially shunned by him, but they soon fall in love. It so happened that Rapunzel mistakenly said to the witch, “My, you are much heavier than my prince!” After this, the sorceress got angry and cut off his hair, and threw him into the forest. The prince was blinded by the thorn and wandered the land mourning his beloved Rapunzel.

When they found each other again, the prince was seduced by a beautiful voice, they wept for joy, and the tears that fell from Rapunzel’s eyes moved to the prince and cleansed them, allowing him to see again. Both lived peacefully together for the rest of their lives.

The important thing to learn from this story is that one should never steal as it can lead to bad consequences, as in the case of Rapunzel’s parents who lost their beautiful daughter because they were greedy and Stole the fruit.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

A truly fair princess, Snow White was named for the color of her skin, which was white as snow, her hair black as ebony, and her lips as red as a rose. Her father, having lost his wife, had remarried, and this new queen was as beautiful as he was proud of. She often consulted her mirror and asked “Mirror mirror, on the wall; Who is the most beautiful among them?”

As Snow White grew, she became more and more beautiful, and soon the magic mirror of the Queen began to tell. Furious and jealous, the Queen sends a huntsman to kill Snow White and get her heart back.

The Huntsman, taking pity on the innocent Snow White, tells her to run away and never come back. Instead, he gives the pig’s heart to the queen. When the Queen looks in her mirror and finds that she has been tricked, she decides to kill Snow White and so begins to prepare her poisoned apple.

Meanwhile, Snow White has found a place with the Seven Dwarfs, whom she lives with and takes care of. One day, while they are working in the mines, the Queen meets Snow White disguised as an old peasant woman selling apples. Snow White is convinced to eat the apple and immediately falls down, as if dead. When the dwarves found him they were distraught and placed him in a glass coffin.

One day, when a prince was passing by, he saw the dwarves mourning a beautiful sleeping girl (because she was as beautiful as ever) and was struck by her beauty. He waved goodbye to her hand, and at that moment, the apple itself disintegrated and Snow White opened her eyes. The prince was so pleased that he asked for her hand in marriage and she accepted. There was a grand celebration, and they lived together and ruled happily ever after. The evil queen becomes ill from her jealousy and eventually dies.

Queen of luck we must always remember that if you aspire for physical beauty, you will indeed lose your peace and be quite unhappy if you are not considered the most beautiful. Rather kindness and gentleness win the hearts of many.

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Little Mermaid

In the underwater kingdom of Atlantica, home of the mermaids, there lived a little mermaid who loved nothing more than to look at things on the surface and see how humans lived. She wanted to be human, and when she saved a handsome prince from drowning, she decided to become human at any cost, because she wanted to be with him.

This leads her to see a sea witch who asks the mermaid to sacrifice her voice in exchange for human legs, on the condition that the mermaid will return as a slave if the prince does not marry her. The mermaid then goes to her prince but faces various challenges, from the prince not recognizing her to others coming forward to marry her. However, in the end, both the mermaid and the prince are reunited, defeat the witch, and live happily ever after.

Kids can learn about being brave enough to step into a life different from their own to find what their heart desires.

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

It’s sure to teach your kids to be considerate and respectful of others, as it tells the story of a curious little girl named Goldilocks who takes over the possessions of a family of three bears, who go wild when their porridge cools down.

Stumbling into the hut, he got lost in the woods and saw through the window that there were three bowls of porridge on the table and no one was at home. If he had been more honorable, he would have waited for the bear to come home, but instead, he let his curiosity get the better of him and let himself into the house.

In fact, not only does Goldilocks commit a crime, but she eats Bear’s baby porridge, breaks his chair, and falls asleep in his bed. When they found him, he woke up and was so scared of them that he jumped out the window and ran away.

If Goldilocks were more respectful, the bears would be kinder to her and she would make new friends. Instead, he did not respect the space of others.

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