Best Mandl’s paint uses and preparation

What is paint?

Paint is defined as thick viscid preparation containing glycerine used for local application on skin and mucous membrane.

mandl's paint uses and preparation
Mandl’s paint


lodine 300 mg

Potassium iodide 600 mg

Oil minth peppermint 1 ml

Glycerine ad 30ml

M.ft. paint one, send such

To be applied locally in the throat thrice daily with the help of a throat swab.

Mandl’s paint preparation Procedure:-

Weigh the appropriate weight of iodine and potassium iodide separately.

Place it in the mortar and then make a fine powder with the help of a pestle.

Add 1 ml of peppermint oil mix it properly.

Transfer it to a measuring cylinder and make it 30 ml by adding glycerine.

Transfer it to the dispensing bottle, label the bottle and close it with the help of cork.

░I░m░p░o░r░t░a░n░t░ ░T░o░p░I░c░s░

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Mandl’s paint ingredients:-

1. Iodine:- It acts as an antiseptic. It is bacteriocidal and irritant in nature. It has very low water solubility; hence potassium iodide is used to dissolve it.

KI +I₂= KI, KI +2I (Nascent iodine)

Nascent iodine liberated is responsible for oxidation. Its use is restricted only to superficial parts.

2. Potassium iodide:- It acts as an expectorant. It acts directly by stimulating bronchial glands and reflexly by stimulating gastric reflex, it increases the respiratory secretion and liquefies the thick viscid sputum. It facilitates the removal of cough by stimulating cough reflex.

3. Oil mint peppermint:- it gives flavor to the paint. It also has a mild antiseptic and cooling effect because it contains menthol.

4. Glycerine:- It is commonly used as a vehicle for preparing paint. It acts as a demulcent and allows the paint to remain in contact with the mucous membrane for a long time thus prolonging the action of iodine. It has a sweet taste so the preparation is palatable.

Demulcent:- It has a soothing effect and makes a layer so that it reduces afferent impulse from the inflamed or irritant pharyngeal mucosa and thus provides symptomatic relief. It is useful in cough due to irritation of pharyngeal mucosa above the larynx.

Expectorants:- These are the drugs that increase respiratory secretion thereby helping in the easy removal of sputum by making it thin. It is useful in the treatment of cough due to irritation of respiratory mucosa below the larynx.

Mandl’s paint uses:-

1) Sore throat

2) Acute tonsillitis

3) Allergic pharyngitis

4) gingivitis

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