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characterized by, or arising from, a dignified and benevolent nature

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having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor

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Antonyms for great:-

characterized by, or arising from, a dignified and benevolent nature

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lasting for a considerable time

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As we move towards that future, it is a great tragedy that all human experience of the past is lost to us.

Inside the great kitchen, near the fire, people were shouting and laughing; Because the blacksmith had finished his song, and it was very pleasant.

A “man of great merit”, despite his desire to receive the position of director, could not avoid reminding Prince Vasily of his previous opinion.

Berkeley de Tolly tried to command the army in the best possible way as he wanted to fulfill his duty and get fame as a great commander.

If he reports that we are great, it is not true; Maybe about four thousand, not much, not even that; But they were ten thousand, this is war!

Many great men were pleased to call him their friend, and even kings took his advice and were mesmerized by his imagination.

At that very moment, he was startled by a great flame, and immediately a deafening roar, hoarse roar, and hiss pierced his ears.

On August 9, Prince Vasily met Anna Pavlovna again, “a man of great merit.”

On 2 November, he launched the Great Attack by proposing an address announcing the king’s need to dismiss jam from his council.

The great looks a lot like Andre, who was seen shortly before he died.

She knew that he really wanted to tell her everything he had learned about Elizabeth, which might have been a great deal.

Taran tore down the Great Hall, followed by the madman whose agitated demon was swimming under his skin.

A great and widespread revival marked the early years of the century, resulting in enthusiasm and a surprising increase in numbers.

It seemed that the separation was only in the miles, not the great bay created by the disappearance of Geoffrey Byrne.

There were many children whose great voices and small figures had seen them many times.

We know the true results of his personal research, and great ideas based on his philosophy.

Dalton himself did a lot of analysis to establish his ideas, but his skill as an analyst was not great.

The Great Southern Railway has a line to the seaside end of the pier and provides direct communication with the interior of the colony.

He contributed greatly to Saadia’s knowledge and planned full versions of Saadia’s works in Arabic and French.

In recent years great progress has been made in the cultivation of new varieties of water-lilies in the open air.

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