Different ways to cook rice (how to cook rice):-

Wash the rice thoroughly. A good way to do this is to place it in a strainer over a deep pot of water. Rinse the rice thoroughly with your hands, lift the strainer in and out of the water, and keep changing the water until it runs clear; Then drain it. Thus, the soil gets soaked in water, and the rice is thoroughly cleaned.


Steaming is the best way to cook rice. If boiled in lots of water, it loses a fraction of its already small percentage of nitrogen content. It takes less time to cook as compared to other grains. Like all dry grains and seeds, rice swells to many times its original size during cooking. When cooked, each grain of rice should be distinct and separate, yet perfectly tender.

Steamed rice:-

Soak one cup of rice in a quarter cup of water for an hour, then add one cup of milk, form into a serving dish, and place in a steam cooker or a covered steamer over a kettle. boiling water, and steam for one hour. Stir occasionally with a fork for the first ten or fifteen minutes.


Steamed rice (Japanese style):-

Wash the rice in several glasses of water and soak it overnight and clean it thoroughly. Strain it in the morning and cook it in an equal amount of boiling water, ie one pint of water to one pint of rice. For cooking, a stewpan with a tightly fitting lid should be used. Heat the water to boil, then add the rice, and after stirring, put the lid on, which will not come off after boiling again.

At first, when the water boils, steam will escape freely from under the lid, but when the water is nearly evaporated, which will be in eight to ten minutes according to the age and quality of the rice, there is only a vague suggestion. Steam will be seen, and the stewpan should be removed from the fire somewhere on the range, where it will not burn, for fifteen or twenty minutes to wither and dry.

Normal boiling of rice requires two quarts of boiling water for one cup of rice. It should be boiled rapidly until tender, then drained at once and set in a moderate oven to dry it. Sometimes lifting and lifting lightly with a fork will make it more flaky and dry. But it should be kept in mind that rice grains should not be mixed.

Rice with fig sauce:-

Steam one cup of fine rice as above, and when done, serve with Fig Sauce. Spoon Fig Sauce onto each rice plate and serve with a generous dollop of cream. Rice dressing served this way requires no sugar and is one of the healthiest breakfast foods.

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Orange rice:-

Wash and steam the rice. Prepare some oranges by dividing them into segments and cutting each segment in half, removing the seeds and all of the white parts. Sprinkle the oranges lightly with sugar and let them stand until the rice is cooked. Serve an orange slice on each plate of rice.

Rice with Raisins:-

Wash one cup of rice carefully, soak and cook according to the instructions for parboiled rice. After the rice is puffed but before it becomes soft, stir lightly using a fork for one cup of raisins. Serve with cream.

Rice with Peaches:-

Steam the rice and when done serve with cream and a well-ripe peach cut into slices in each dish.

Brown rice:-

Spread one cup of rice on a shallow baking tin and brown in a moderately hot oven. It should be stirred frequently to avoid burning and to ensure uniformity of color. Each rice grain, when sufficiently browned, should be a yellowish-brown color, similar to that of ripe wheat. Steam as directed for regular rice, use only two cups of water for every cup of brown rice and skip the initial soaking. When properly cooked, each kernel will be separate, dry, and pulpy. Rice prepared in this way is undoubtedly more digestible than when cooked without browning.

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FAQ for Different ways to cook rice:-

What are the 3 ways to cook rice?

There are generally four different ways to cook rice: steaming, boiling, pilaf, and risotto, all of which produce different results. Different methods often require specific types of rice to be cooked in order to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

Why salt while cooking rice?

Normally you add salt to the water you boil to cook rice or pasta. Adding salt to water enhances the taste of the water, which is absorbed by the food. Salt enhances the ability of chemoreceptors on the tongue to detect molecules through the sense of taste.

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