Understanding the Definition and Meaning of “Abhor” in a Sentence

Exploring the Meaning and Usage of Abhor

When it comes to expanding our vocabulary and improving our language skills, it’s crucial to explore the definitions and meanings of various words. In this article, we will delve into the term “abhor” to help you understand its definition, meaning, and usage in a sentence. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to incorporate “abhor” into your daily communication effectively.

Exploring the Meaning and Usage of “Abhor”

Before we dive into using “abhor” in a sentence, let’s first establish its meaning. “Abhor” is a verb that represents a strong feeling of disgust, hatred, or repulsion towards someone or something. When you abhor something, it means you find it completely detestable and morally repugnant.

How to Use “Abhor” in a Sentence

Now that we understand the definition of “abhor,” let’s explore some examples to help us grasp its usage better:

“I abhor violence in any form, as it contradicts my principles of peace and harmony.”
“She abhors the smell of cigarette smoke, so please refrain from smoking around her.”
“The community abhorred the corrupt politician for betraying their trust.”
“I abhor dishonesty and always strive to be truthful in all my interactions.”
As you can see from these examples, “abhor” is used to express intense dislike or repulsion towards something or someone. It’s important to note that “abhor” is often followed by the preposition “of” to indicate what is being detested.

Synonyms and Antonyms of “Abhor”

Expanding our vocabulary involves understanding not only the definition but also the synonyms and antonyms associated with a word. Here are some synonyms and antonyms of “abhor” to help you express similar sentiments in different ways:




Remember, using these synonyms and antonyms can provide variety and depth to your language skills.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Definition of “Abhor”

Q: Can “abhor” be used to describe a mild dislike?

A: No, “abhor” signifies a strong feeling of repulsion or hatred, not a mild dislike.

Q: Can “abhor” be used to express political or social opinions?

A: Yes, “abhor” can be used to convey strong disapproval or opposition towards political or social issues.

Q: Is “abhor” a commonly used word?

A: While “abhor” may not be as frequently used as other words, it is still important to understand its meaning and usage for effective communication.

Q: Are there any alternative words I can use instead of “abhor”?

A: Yes, some synonyms for “abhor” include “detest,” “despise,” and “loathe.”

Q: How can I remember the definition of “abhor”?

A: Creating associations, using the word in sentences, and reviewing examples will help you remember the definition and usage of “abhor.”

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Incorporating the word “abhor” into your vocabulary allows you to express strong feelings of disgust or hatred. By understanding its definition, meaning, and usage in a sentence, you can effectively communicate your emotions. Remember to explore synonyms and antonyms to expand your linguistic skills further.

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