Define Appear, 25 Synonym & antonyms

Define Appear:-

The verb “appear” means to become visible or present in sight, to manifest oneself, or come into view. It can also refer to making a public appearance or showing up in a particular place or context. Additionally, “appear” can be used to describe the impression or perception of something or someone, as well as the likelihood or probability of a particular outcome or event.

What is the Meaning of Appear?

The verb “appear” refers to the act of coming into sight or becoming visible, often unexpectedly or suddenly. It can also mean to seem or give the impression of being a certain way, or to make oneself known or present in a particular situation or context. The word can also be used to describe the act of showing up or attending an event or gathering.

Synonym for Appear:-

Define Appear, Synonym & antonyms
  1. Abundant
  2. Copious
  3. Numerous
  4. Myriad
  5. Plentiful
  6. Ample
  7. Bountiful
  8. Extensive
  9. Profuse
  10. Generous
  11. Lavish
  12. Overflowing
  13. Rich
  14. Substantial
  15. Teeming
  16. Wealthy
  17. Prolific
  18. Multitudinous
  19. Excessive
  20. Innumerable
  21. Sufficient
  22. Comprehensive
  23. Full
  24. Sweeping
  25. Voluminous

Antonyms of Appear:-

Define Appear, 25 Synonym & antonyms
  1. Disappear
  2. Vanish
  3. Conceal
  4. Withdraw
  5. Evaporate
  6. Dissolve
  7. Flee
  8. Hide
  9. Shrink
  10. Recede
  11. Depart
  12. Disperse
  13. Wane
  14. Dematerialize
  15. Melt
  16. Sink
  17. Submerge
  18. Diminish

Appear in a Sentence:-

The sun will appear in the sky at dawn.

She always tries to appear confident in meetings.

The magician made the rabbit appear out of nowhere.

The evidence appears to support the defendant’s case.

The ghost appeared and disappeared in a flash.

The actor will appear in the next blockbuster movie.

The cake appears to be burnt on the edges.

The clouds appeared ominous before the storm.

He appeared at the door, holding a bouquet of flowers.

The book appears to be well-written and informative.

The missing cat suddenly appeared from under the bed.

The new moon will appear in the night sky.

The singer will appear on stage at 8 pm.

The words on the screen appear blurry without my glasses.

The UFO appeared in the sky, hovering silently.

The bruises on her arm appear to be from abuse.

The city appears more beautiful at night.

The snake appeared out of nowhere and scared us.

The results of the experiment appear promising.

The athlete appeared exhausted after the marathon.

The movie star appeared in a glamorous red carpet-outfit.

The illness appeared to have been caused by a virus.

The solution appeared clear after careful analysis.

The bird appeared to be injured and unable to fly.

The flowers appeared vibrant and colorful in the garden.

The ghost appeared in the old mansion on the hill.

The stain on the carpet appears to be permanent.

The car appeared to be in good condition despite its age.

The sunrise appeared stunning over the mountains.

The moon appeared large and bright in the night sky.

The sun will appear at dawn.

She will appear in court tomorrow.

He always wants to appear intelligent.

The ghostly figure appeared out of nowhere.

The new product will appear on shelves soon.

The storm clouds appeared on the horizon.

The actor will appear in the next movie.

The witness appeared nervous on the stand.

The flowers appeared to be wilting in the heat.

The painting appeared to be original.

The magician made the rabbit appear out of nowhere.

The moon will appear full tonight.

The suspect appeared to be guilty.

The letter appeared to be written in code.

The illness appeared to be getting worse.

The car appeared to be in good condition.

The food appeared to be fresh.

The house appeared to be abandoned.

The bird appeared to be injured.

The police appeared on the scene quickly.

The fire appeared to be under control.

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The teacher appeared to be disappointed in the student’s performance.

The book appeared to be well-researched.

The athlete appeared to be in top form.

The baby appeared to be sleeping soundly.

The dog appeared to be friendly.

The dessert appeared to be delicious.

The singer appeared to be nervous before the performance.

The plant appeared to be thriving in its new environment.

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