Deficiency of milk

Deficiency of milk

Lack of milk can also occur long before delivery and can be overcome. However, this very often will not be accomplished by resorting to means; Because after two or three weeks of confinement, if there is little nutrition for the child, it is the custom of many peoples to consume mostly malt liquor for its growth.

Deficiency of milk
Deficiency of milk

Sooner or later this will prove injurious to the constitution of the mother: but how will this deficiency be removed? Let the nurse be healthy, and the milk obtained at this point will be sufficient, wholesome, and as good, both in quantity and quality, as can be produced by man.

I would recommend a simple, moderate, and nutritious diet; Not specifically a description of the food, but rather, a wholesome, mixed, animal and vegetable diet, natural, with or without wine or malt liquor according to former custom; and, sometimes, where malt liquor has never been taken before, if it agrees with the stomach, a pint of good sound liquor may be taken daily. Regular outdoor exercise is most important, as it has a tremendous effect in promoting healthy milk secretion.

Before leaving the lay-in room, carriage exercise, where it can be achieved, is exchanged, in preference to horse exercise or a daily walk over a week. A gentle, or cool salt water bath, should be used every morning; But if it is not possible to carry it, then the body should be sponged with salt water.

By diligently following the foregoing plan, the mother’s milk will be obtained in sufficient quantity, and as good in quality, as the constitution of the parent can produce, as the following facts prove:

I was a twenty-four-year-old woman, a delicate but healthy woman, appearing in prison for the first time. The work was good. Everything went well during the first week, except that, although the breasts were enlarged, and promised a good supply of nourishment for the baby, at the end of it, there was only a slight discharge from the nipple.

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During the next fortnight there was a slight, but very gradual, increase in quantity, so that by the middle of the period only dessert spoonfuls were obtained, and by the end of the period, the quantity had probably doubled. Meanwhile, the child was necessarily artificially fed, and as a result, his bowels were disordered and he had severe diarrhea.

For three or four days it was doubtful whether the little one would survive, as it was so reduced by the looseness of the bowels that its nurse had no strength to hold the nipple; So, the milk was forced out and the child fed it with a spoon.

However, after a few days, she can get breast milk for herself; And, to cut a story short, in the same month, the mother and child returned home, the mother and child had a very good proportion of healthy breast milk, and the child was completely well, and apparently, it was progressing rapidly.

But, where there is a deficit in the supply of nutrients early on, it is often the case that before the sixth or seventh month, the baby’s demand will exceed what the mother can supply. The deficiency must be met by artificial feeding, which is usually used before the sixth month and is given by bottle.

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FAQ for Deficiency of Milk:-

What is the main deficiency of calcium?

Hypocalcemia, also called calcium deficiency disease, occurs when there are low levels of calcium in the blood. Long-term calcium deficiency can lead to changes in the teeth, cataracts, brain changes, and osteoporosis, which causes bones to become brittle.

Which vitamin is deficient in milk?

Vitamin deficiency anemia is a lack of healthy red blood cells due to lower-than-normal amounts of vitamin B-12 and folate. This can happen if you don’t eat enough foods containing vitamin B-12 and folate, or if your body has trouble absorbing or processing these vitamins.

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