143+ Best, Important Synonyms list in English – Free wiki

Important Synonyms list in English:- Important definitions-characteristic of or indicating significant value or consequence: valuable in content or relation-Evidence of a sense of self-importance Synonym for Important:- (A) having great meaning or lasting effect much meaningful eventful big major substantial earthshaking momentous weighty earth-shattering significant consequential material monumental historic Words Related to important:- fateful prominent … Read more

49 Adjourn Synonym, Definition, Meaning

Adjourn synonym:- Synonyms for adjourn suspend prorogate recess prorogue defer put off discontinue prorogue shelve Adjourn definition & meaning:- To adjourn is to stop the session of something like a court. When something stops, it ends. This term often comes up in court. Lawyers and citizens do not have the power to adjourn – to … Read more

Best 69+ Great synonyms and Antonyms

Great synonyms and Antonyms characterized by, or arising from, a dignified and benevolent nature Words Related to great:- numinous majestic venerable magnificent honorable exalted princely glorified uplifting knightly valiant ennobled moving worthy inspiring regal having or showing exceptional knowledge, experience, or skill in a field of endeavor Synonyms for great:- Words Related to great:- refined … Read more

Best 59+ Attractive synonyms in English

Attractive synonyms in English Very pleasing to look at:- Words Related to attractive:- delightful sublime glorious perfect cunning exquisite appealing magnificent glamorous pleasant delicate splendid personable fascinating prettyish Near Antonyms for attractive:- Having an often mysterious or magical power to attract:- Synonyms for attractive:- Words Related to attractive:- pleasant engrossing spellbinding mesmerizing haunting absorbing winning … Read more

39+ Bad Synonyms and Antonyms in English

Bad Synonyms:- Synonyms for bad imperfect downer bad news careless synthetic dissatisfactory abominable erroneous inadequate bummer not good slipshod deficient substandard incorrect blah godawful cruddy fallacious unsatisfactory inferior grungy crappy garbage diddly gross junky amiss cheesy beastly defective faulty grody raunchy the pits stinking Antonyms for bad:- Bad in a sentence:- First, it’s only useful … Read more

39+ Synonyms for best friend in English

Synonyms for best friend:- Best Friend Synonyms good friend bestie best buddy great friend best bud alter ego closest friend soul mate best pal intimate friend bosom friend confidant buddy crony bro friend for life intimate main man bosom buddy mate pal companion dear friend words for best friend:- bosom friend noun intimate friend fast … Read more

49+ Best synonyms and antonyms in English

Best Synonyms:- Near Synonyms for best tidy noncasual semiformal dressed up fashionable stylish dressy trim chic neat formal smart elegant first-rate terrific finest perfect outstanding leading first Synonyms for best:- Antonyms for best:- poor incorrect poorest worst inferior unimportant least not right minor secondary Near Antonyms for best:- Best in a sentence:- This trip is … Read more

69+ Best synonyms of beautiful in English

Synonyms of beautiful:- Synonyms for Beautiful cute good-looking delightful pretty marvelous exquisite charming graceful grand fine wonderful handsome superb nice alluring gorgeous excellent appealing lovely beauteous delicate dazzling divine fascinating elegant sightly magnificent pleasing stunning angelic splendid classy bewitching Words Related to beautiful:- Near Antonyms for beautiful:- dreadful loathsome objectionable frightful nauseating abominable bad unimposing … Read more

39+ Best Abase Synonyms and Antonyms

Abase Synonyms:- Synonyms for abase debauch poison deteriorate subvert bastardize demoralize prostitute cheapen lessen corrupt warp canker profane deprave debase demean vitiate degrade pervert cast down lower disgrace belittle reduce demote synonyms of abase Words Related to abase:- Near Antonyms for abase:- Abase in a sentence:- My stepmother is a wicked woman who likes to … Read more

37+ Best Synonyms for Athletic in English

Synonyms for Athletic:- Synonyms & Near Synonyms for athletic fit forceful supple muscular strong hearty potent powerful well-conditioned flexible healthy invigorated stalwart adroit pliable rugged sculpted gracile burly featly muscle-bound hefty lightsome strengthened vigorous energized robust strapping toughened limber puissant pliant acrobatic loose-jointed synonyms for athletic Antonyms & Near Antonyms for athletic:- You May Also … Read more