Best Invasive blood pressure monitoring – IBP Medical

Invasive blood pressure monitoring – IBP:- When beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring becomes necessary because, in a hemodynamically unstable patient receiving inotropes and vasopressors, etc. intra-arterial cannulation and pressure monitoring are preferred. Invasive BP site:- Radial artery  Ulnar artery Dorsalis pedis artery Posterior tibial artery Femoral artery when peripheral pulses are not felt IBP Medical Technique:- … Read more

Best Non-invasive blood pressure – NIBP machine – Free wiki

Non-invasive blood pressure – NIBP & Use:- Measuring blood pressure is a component of heart monitoring. Patients undergoing anesthesia require that it be measured at least every five minutes at the beginning of the procedure and during the procedure. If the patient is restless, it is needed more often. The automation of this work allows … Read more

10+ Best capnography description and normal capnography uses

capnography description and normal capnography use:- The amount of carbon dioxide in the exhaled gases can be measured using a capnograph. The capnography passes infrared light through the gases to be analyzed. The carbon dioxide in the gases absorbs the infrared light in proportion to its concentration. This absorption is measured and the carbon dioxide … Read more