Baby Crying Reasons

Baby crying:- Crying is a normal occurrence in the lives of all babies. When the child comes out of the womb, it cries first. With the first cry, he will inhale some air into his lungs for the first time in his life. If the child does not cry after delivery, then it should be … Read more

Sleep During Infancy and Childhood

Sleep During Infancy and Childhood:- During infancy For three or four weeks after birth, the baby sleeps more or less day and night, waking only to meet the demands of hunger; However, when this period ends, each interval of wakefulness becomes longer, so that he falls asleep less often, but sleeps longer at a time. … Read more

The Appearance of Milk Teeth

What are milk teeth:- The first set of teeth, or milk teeth, are twenty in number; They usually occur in pairs, and the lower jaws usually precede the upper ones. The baby’s first teeth are usually cut in the sixth or seventh month, and the last set is cut at varying times from the twentieth … Read more

Deficiency of milk

Deficiency of milk Lack of milk can also occur long before delivery and can be overcome. However, this very often will not be accomplished by resorting to means; Because after two or three weeks of confinement, if there is little nutrition for the child, it is the custom of many peoples to consume mostly malt … Read more

Teaching a child to walk

Teaching a child to walk Exercise is very important for the health of the child. His first exercise, of course, would be the nurse’s arms. After a month or two, when he begins to sleep less during the day, he will be happy to roll and kick on the sofa: thus he will use his … Read more

The ABCs of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding From the first moment the baby is applied to the breast, it must be fed according to a specific scheme. This is essential to the well-being of the child and will indispensably contribute to the preservation of the health of the parents, who will thus provide a good nurse, and at the same time … Read more