what is Astrology? and Astrological predictions – Free wiki

what is astrology Astrology is the study of planetary positions to determine further things in life as well as events and details related to past lives or actions. The earliest records of astrology or signs date back to the 3rd millennium BCE. Astrology has influenced culture, early astronomy, and other disciplines over time. Astrology uses … Read more

What is Kaal sarp dosha?

What is Kaal sarp dosha? When two or more planets come together in one place, it is called Yoga. When this yoga gives inauspicious results in a person’s life, then it is called a defect. This dosha arises when all the planets Rahu (Dragon’s head) and Ketu (Dragon’s tail) are together in a person’s birth … Read more

Best Indian Vedic Astrology explained in 2023

Indian Vedic Astrology:- Indian astrology is based on the principle of destiny. The good and bad deeds of a past life determine your destiny or your present life deeds and your present life deeds determine your future deeds. According to Indian astrology, a person is born at that place, that day, and at that moment … Read more

Sidereal vs Tropical Astrology

Sidereal vs Tropical Sidereal Astrology The sidereal or eastern system of astrology is based on the position of the fixed stars and constellations in the sky, while the tropical zodiacal, or western system of astrology is based on the position of the Sun relative to Earth. Sidereal astrology is a method of astrology used by … Read more

Briefly know about Astrology and Marriage 2023

What is Astrology and Marriage:- Astrology studies the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they influence natural earthly events and human affairs. Astrological predictions can be effectively used to predict many aspects of our life like business, romance, money, job, etc. It can also be used to increase the overall achievement … Read more

Chinese astrology: Best Chinese zodiac signs explained 2023

Chinese astrology:- According to Chinese legend, twelve animals quarreled one day over who would be the head of the wheel of the year. The gods were asked to decide and they held a contest: whoever reached the opposite bank of the river would be the first, and the rest of the animals would have their … Read more