Briefly know about Astrology and Marriage 2023

What is Astrology and Marriage:-

Astrology studies the positions and aspects of celestial bodies in the belief that they influence natural earthly events and human affairs. Astrological predictions can be effectively used to predict many aspects of our life like business, romance, money, job, etc. It can also be used to increase the overall achievement of individuals. The effect of planetary motion in our daily life cannot be completely denied. Millions of successful astrology users will confirm this.

Briefly know about Astrology and Marriage 2023

Marriage is a sacred institution for most common people. It means the union of two hearts, mind, body, and soul. It is often said that “marriages are made in heaven”. Well, that much may be true. But for all practical purposes, finding the right match for a man or woman is essential. Astrology can help with this. Astrology plays a huge role in finding the right matrimonial alliance.

The compatibility of the couple can be ensured with the help of astrological predictions. This practice of matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom is quite common among Hindus in India. Marriages here are almost impossible without horoscope matching. Astrologers also determine the ideal time and date for marriage. The horoscope of a potential bride and groom tells a lot about the past, present, and future. Also guides astrologers regarding dates to avoid horoscope matching. There are times when the influence of certain planets like Saturn is quite strong. This period may not be ideal for marriage ceremonies.

Marriages in these “bad patches” may not last long, or may even falter. Hence, we can say that astrology can be used to avoid “break-ups” or divorce in the future. Kundli matching requires some important documents. Firstly the horoscopes of both the bride and groom are analyzed. Then some important information like date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth of both male and female are collected. There are many transits and yogas for matching horoscopes.

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The effect of planetary movements at the time of birth is analyzed. This gives a rough idea to the astrologer whether the couple is compatible or not. It is not necessary that the Kundli of the bride and groom should match perfectly. Sometimes marriage is possible even if there is a slight difference between boys and girls. But in such cases, some corrective measures suggested by the astrologers should be done before the marriage ceremony.

It has been observed that the success rate of marriage is higher in cases where horoscopes match. Critics may have different opinions on this matter. But even they cannot completely deny the usefulness of astrology in marriage. Scientists can say that astrology has no scientific basis. But it does not take credit from the practice of horoscopes prevalent in India.

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FAQ for Astrology and Marriage:-

What is the reason for late marriage?

Most of the reasons for delay are career-oriented efforts, high qualifications, fulfilling family responsibilities before marriage, being highly desirable, looking for a good partner, etc. Apart from the seventh house, some planets also play an important role in delaying marriage.

Does astrology affect marriage?

Yes, in astrology your Kundalini is important in marriage decisions. Kundalini is synonymous with horoscope/Kundli/birth chart/birth chart but the meaning remains the same. Kundli or Horoscope is the ruler of all aspects of human life, and hence marriage is no different.

Can marriage be predicted by astrology?

A good astrologer can definitely tell from birth details when a person will get married. There are certain cycles in everyone’s life when Vivah Yoga is active, so by identifying that cycle which is supported by positive dashas and transits, any good astrologer can predict the right time for marriage.

How can I know my marriage astrology?

The conjunction of Rahu and Venus in the planets Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio or in the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 2nd house gives a strong indication that the native will have a love marriage. Also, if we talk about marriage, the possibility of love marriage increases if there is a combination in the horoscope of Arudha marriage and Uppal marriage.

Which planet is responsible for marriage?

Love, marriage, and romance are ruled by the planet Venus. It is the planet responsible for success or failure in your love life. Venus controls the marital potential of men and the female potential is controlled by Mars and Jupiter. Sun is another planet that plays an important role in the horoscope of women.

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