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dressed up
Best Synonyms and Antonyms in English

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leastnot rightminor

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This trip is my second offer from you and I want to make sure I get the best deal.

The truth is, I love your company – and I want my parents to meet one of my best friends.

Everyone was shocked, as the boy was the best scholar in the school, and was known to break the rules ever.

The Count is suffering physically and mentally, and obviously, you have done your best to add to his mental suffering.

It was the same man who treated her so coldly today, and she will do her best to keep that image in her mind.

There was no point in denying her best, but she would learn to keep her distance.

He can only hope for the best on this table, alone, knowing what he has done for the savior of humanity.

Terrible news though, Gabrielle couldn’t help but think it was the best thing she’d heard all week.

Our self-imposed prohibitions against following our suggestions once limited our learning about which sources produced the best results.

Maybe it was for the best; Didn’t Betsy and I make a similar decision hours ago to stop our activities?

The afternoon was for him to use as he wished, and he always knew the best way to use it.

I think we have worked together to the best of our ability in preparing this report.

We’re not getting married while I’m on my deathbed, and Dr. Winn is the BEST! She stopped.

How can you tell your best friend that aliens are real and oh, by the way, I married one and am taking you with me to my planet for my own best?

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I wish him the best and look forward to thanking him again at our upcoming committee meeting.

As near as I can determine, in the spring of ’99, she married Hon. There was the best mention of marriage in his previous letter.

I was there with eight other members of the European Parliament and I believe we did our best.

If the honorable member has any specific question to ask, I will do my best to answer it.

Let us do our best to develop this law and other tools that will help us put our ideas into practice.

I also realized that this is a way to honor you and wish you all the best for your political and personal future.

It demands that we bear all our senses and that we apply our thinking, our feeling, and our action as best we can to the challenge.

The best advice I can give, I think, is to try to understand that most of what he does and says comes primarily from fear and shock.

Now all she could do was soak herself in hot bath water but didn’t have the best time.

Brady opened his mouth to address her, before remembering that as best he could manage he was a scoundrel.

He was challenged in almost every way, but the idea that he might not be the best boyfriend bothered him the most.

In all parts of history in which he excelled, Veeco followed a stricter and best scientific method and came to safe conclusions.

Both temples belong to the best period of the Doric style and are among the best in existence.

It is not a good idea to have the best, best designed, most durable, and most expensive product if there is no customer who will pay for it.

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