39+ Bad Synonyms and Antonyms in English

Bad Synonyms:-

Bad Synonyms and Antonyms in English
Synonyms for bad
imperfectdownerbad news
bummernot goodslipshod
raunchythe pitsstinking

Antonyms for bad:-

Bad in a sentence:-

First, it’s only useful for reasons that are immediately bad for you, not reasons that will kill you in ten years.

After thinking for a moment he said, I have bad eyes! Then he calls it “My eyes are sick!”

The policy of leaving things alone only gets bad and is “irresistible to interference”.

On the other hand, if they want self-sufficiency in agriculture, then agricultural subsidies in other countries are bad for them.

Bellary is subject to devastating storms and famines resulting from a series of storms and bad weather.

With this finer description of butcher’s stock all classes of domestic stock – the good, the bad, and the indifferent – must compete.

The Peterborough Chronicle, not content to convey this sentiment, gives Eustace a bad character.

The weather had turned bad, and the snow had become unbearable, But there were additional and serious reasons for the delay.

Caoutchouc is a bad conductor of heat and electricity and is employed alone as an electrical insulator or mixed with other materials.

No matter how bad his natural nature may be, the magic word of salvation will make him a new man.

In bad weather, artificial heat can be used; In the States, cigar tobacco and “white barley” are commonly cured this way.

He would have benefited from the popular backlash but because of his bad reputation and his lack of conscience.

Pensioners should not be British subjects, poor and ex-convict, or of notoriously bad character.

Like all lowland Cilicia, it has an extremely bad summer climate, and all residents who can afford it migrate to stations on the lower slopes of Taurus.

The situation went from bad to worse, and the conflict not only intensified but reached the outside world.

His efforts after the creation of natural reality gave rise to material speculations that were in themselves evil and tedious and bad.

The Angora is a bad milker and indifferent mother, but its meat is better than that of any other breed, and mutton is preferred in its native land.

Such a tenant cannot be evicted for non-payment, bad behavior, or surrendering his lease without the consent of the landlord.

He reads nothing but quotes; He even used to say that no book is so bad that it has no value.

So much judgment and experience call for an operation that it is a fact to say that bad pruning is worse than none.

It was operated not by disciplined armies, but by courageous forces bad whose sole aim was national.

From personal experience, I know that any meeting with him leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Short-term effects of smoking include disability, shortness of breath, general weakness of the disease, bad breath, bad skin, etc.

As scientists insist, there is nothing good or bad about any scientific discovery.

It is not okay for you to do something bad because someone else has done something bad.

The second campaign by the king in autumn, as in the previous year, was defeated by bad weather and the Welsh Fabian strategy.

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FAQ for Bad Synonyms:-

What is an example of evil?

The definition of bad is something that is wrong in some way, something that is not working properly or that has negative qualities. An example of a bad person is a murderer. A brown, rotten banana is an example of spoiled fruit. An example of a bad review is a film critic who hates the film.

How do you deal with the bad and the bad?

The misuse of bad and bad is a common grammatical mistake. The word bad is an adjective and should be used to improve nouns and pronouns. Badly, like most words ending in, is used to modify adverbs and verbs.

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