Available Synonyms: 59 Best Synonyms, Antonyms for Available

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Available Synonyms: 59 Best Synonyms, Antonyms for Available
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I hope you will try to be available on your cell phone when we are apart.

This time, Danielle Brennan was not available to inform us and it was only my boring web surfing that got the notice.

There are many methods that can be adapted to heat buildings, but it is quite difficult to available the heating method to the class of building to be heated.

If an airtight container is not available, a small percentage of powdered carbon is added to the zinc dust to prevent the development of oxides, which reduces deposits of excess.

Right in front of him came a strange one-horse carriage, apparently rigged by soldiers with available material, and what looked to be something between a carriage, a cabriolet, and a clutch.

Serious discrepancies are found where the material is loaded; And where external evidence is fortunately available, the distinctive character of biblical history is clearly delineated.

If, however, he claims that he has created a tenancy for a period longer than the extent of his interest, he does not pay his tenant the reverse or the interest available against the remaining person.

The instrument can therefore be graduated through its known and measured direct currents and then be available for use with direct or alternating currents.

Some latitude was indeed observed, but although Hipparchus demonstrated how to determine longitude by observing an eclipse, this method was practically not available for a lack of reliable time-keepers.

Meanwhile, the Russians and Prussians concentrated all available men and advanced in a line almost parallel, but slightly south of the direction taken by the French.

The Allied forces were now divided into two by the Niv, And Bayonne’s Salt took advantage of his central position to attack first on the left flank and then on the right with all his available power.

It is necessary to see that the state of change in a system is such that the change reduces the total available energy of the whole system.

Therefore an electromotive force is established in this direction, and, if we can calculate the change in available energy due to cell processes, we can predict the value of the electromotive force.

Church lands were no longer available with which to settle the nobility, the tax burden was heavy, and Albert’s rule became unpopular.

Nevertheless, the time of people working in very deep and large mines can seriously encroach on the time available to extract the ore.

Taxes and land revenue are light; Markets for disposal of goods are stable and prices are good; However, fresh land is still available in most of the districts.

In simple electrolytic work, only direct current can be used, but in electrothermal work, an alternating current is equally available.

The soul of the nation was in them, and they fought not to honor their weapons but to kill. The emperor did not despair, but on the contrary, renewed his efforts to nurture every available person.

About forty volumes are available in English and many have been translated into most European languages ​​as well as Arabic, Hindi, and Japanese.

The operation was spectacular in the extreme, but exploitation proved more difficult, as neither tanks nor artillery support was available in sufficient strength.

The Bible has long been available in people’s languages, and there are indications that many early versions of the scriptures were widely read.

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