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Very pleasing to look at:-

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Having an often mysterious or magical power to attract:-

Synonyms for attractive:-

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Inflation will be lower and hence the nominal rate in real terms will be more attractive.

Personally, I don’t find it very attractive, but they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

The less attractive the age group in children, the more distracting the emotion should be perceived.

Our quiet mountain home was especially attractive and comfortable after the excitement and fatigue of our trip to the World’s Fair.

He walked over to the driver of the jeep, hands on his hips, a carefree look on his startlingly attractive face.

No one would believe that two attractive people like Sarah and Jackson could be in a platonic relationship, so this deterred the neighbors from gossiping.

It was presented in an attractive style that was the latest result of scholarly research at the time but was criticized for seeking a scholarship.

A French man is self-confident because he finds himself irresistibly attractive to men and women personally, both in mind and body.

There is also an attractive outspoken psychologist who describes how tempting terrorism can be to a confused teen.

The rolled ham and cheese inside this flat chicken breast creates an attractive spiral pattern when the chicken is sliced.

In attractive grasses, such as quaking grass and meadow foxtail, you’ll find yellow rattlesnakes, an indicator species of older grasshoppers.

Elberfeld’s surroundings are attractive, and public grounds and walkways have recently been opened in the surrounding hills, with particularly beneficial consequences for the health of the population.

The flower has an attractive floral envelope, is fragrant, and often contains honey or a large amount of pollen that attracts insects to feed on.

At nine o’clock came the parade, and an hour later, on time, dinner, which continued after two or so, if the conversation was particularly attractive.

Lutheranism was more attractive to Grand-Ducal patriots and affluent burghers than the poor and oppressed and disadvantaged.

One of the most attractive churches is Nossa Senhora da Penha, surrounded by two slender spiers and a dome.

The doctrines of Honthim did not prove attractive to the local churches, especially when they were ruled by bishops who were also temporary high lords.

He adopted the principle of greatest happiness not as an attractive philosophy, but as a criterion to distinguish good laws from bad ones.

The fine white hairs of long wavy wool give the Cotswold an attractive appearance, which is enhanced by its top knot or forelock.

FAQ for attractive synonyms:-

What is most attractive?

To people, being attractive usually means that you are handsome or handsome enough to attract the attention of others. But having a special personality or the best job is also attractive quality.

What makes a girl attractive?

Among the most beautiful things in girls, boys like women with a big and beautiful smile, wide waist-hip ratio, unique dressing style, healthy-looking hair, great sense of humor, smart conversation, and catchy high-pitched voice.

How are girls attracted?

Talk about what you care about the most and let him see how much it means to you. Women are more likely to be attracted to a man who is driven, has a purpose, and knows what he wants from life. You can talk about the places you want to visit and where you have been.

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