Amnesty Definition & 25 synonyms, antonym

what is amnesty definition?

Amnesty is a pardon or forgiveness granted by a government or other authority for certain offenses, often with the goal of promoting reconciliation and reducing punishment for those who have committed those offenses.

what is amnesty meaning?

Amnesty refers to the act of granting forgiveness or immunity to individuals who have committed certain offenses, often in order to promote reconciliation or reduce the punishment.

Amnesty Synonym:-

Amnesty Definition & 25 synonyms, antonym

Dispensing power

what are amnesty antonyms in English?

Amnesty Definition & 25 synonyms, antonym
  1. Prosecution
  2. Conviction
  3. Punishment
  4. Retribution
  5. Penalty
  6. Sanction
  7. Discipline
  8. Accountability
  9. Consequence
  10. Reprisal

Amnesty in a sentence:-

The government granted amnesty to political prisoners, allowing them to return home.

The President announced an amnesty program for undocumented immigrants living in the country.

The soldier was given amnesty for his gallantry during the war.

Rebel groups agreed to surrender their weapons in exchange for amnesty.

The general amnesty granted by the king pardons all political dissidents and exiles.

The aim of the amnesty policy was to reduce prison overcrowding and reduce costs.

The United Nations has called for amnesty for all prisoners of conscience around the world.

The Amnesty Law allowed former military officers to escape prosecution for their crimes.

The government has offered amnesty to those who report illegal activities at their workplaces.

The amnesty program encouraged illegal immigrants to come forward and register with the authorities.

The amnesty agreement included provisions for the rehabilitation of ex-combatants.

The amnesty policy was seen as a positive step towards national reconciliation.

The amnesty granted to the rebels was controversial, as some believed they should face justice for their actions.

The president’s decision to grant amnesty to his political rivals was widely criticized.

The amnesty for tax evaders was criticized by those who believed they should face consequences for their actions.

The prisoners’ amnesty was celebrated by their families and supporters.

The purpose of the amnesty program was to address the problem of human rights violations committed by the government.

The amnesty agreement included a commitment to the disarmament and demobilization of ex-combatants.

The amnesty policy was welcomed by human rights groups, who saw it as a step towards justice for victims of political persecution.

The amnesty granted to the rebels was seen as a sign of weakness in opposition to the government.

Amnesty for drug offenders was criticized by those who believed it would lead to an increase in drug use.

The amnesty policy was seen as a way to encourage reconciliation and forgiveness between former enemies.

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The amnesty program allows people with outstanding warrants to turn themselves in without fear of arrest.

The amnesty granted to political dissidents was a symbol of hope for the country’s democratic future.

The government granted amnesty to all political prisoners, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives.

She applied for amnesty and was relieved when her request was approved.

The president’s decision to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants sparked controversy.

The amnesty program allowed individuals to come forward and disclose their wrongdoing without fear of prosecution.

The amnesty agreement brought an end to the long-standing conflict between the two countries.

The organization called for the government to provide amnesty to all those who had been unjustly imprisoned.

The amnesty deal included provisions for the rehabilitation and reintegration of former combatants into society.

The amnesty law was passed in an effort to promote national reconciliation and peace.

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