23 Amalgamate Synonym and Antonym

Amalgamate Synonym:-

Amalgamate Synonym and Antonym
  1. Merge
  2. Combine
  3. Unify
  4. Blend
  5. Integrate
  6. Fuse
  7. Consolidate
  8. Meld
  9. Coalesce
  10. Synthesize
  11. Converge
  12. Homogenize
  13. Incorporate
  14. Interweave
  15. Mesh
  16. Join
  17. Weld
  18. Aggregate

What is the amalgamate meaning?

The meaning of amalgamate is to merge or blend multiple things together into a single, unified entity, resulting in a stronger or more complex whole.

What is the amalgamate definition?

To amalgamate is to combine or merge two or more things into a single, unified whole, often resulting in a stronger or more complex entity.

Antonyms of amalgamate:-

Amalgamate Synonym and Antonym

Break apart

Amalgamate in a sentence:-

The two companies decided to amalgamate their operations to increase their market share.

We will amalgamate all the different departments into one cohesive unit.

The artist likes to amalgamate different styles of painting in his work.

The restaurant menu amalgamates cuisines from around the world.

His music amalgamates elements of rock, jazz, and classical.

The recipe amalgamates traditional ingredients with new flavors.

The city council plans to amalgamate several small parks into one larger green space.

The two teams amalgamated their resources to finish the project on time.

The movie amalgamates different genres to create a unique viewing experience.

The chef likes to amalgamate ingredients in unexpected ways.
The band amalgamates traditional folk music with modern electronic sounds.

The architect amalgamated modern design elements with the building’s historic features.

The fashion designer amalgamated different fabrics and textures to create a unique look.

The author amalgamated real-life experiences with fictional elements in the novel.

The city’s culture amalgamates many different ethnicities and traditions.

The teacher likes to amalgamate different teaching methods to engage all students.

The athlete’s training program amalgamates cardio, strength, and flexibility exercises.

The two companies decided to amalgamate their operations to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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The artist used a variety of colors to amalgamate the different elements of her painting.

The chef’s unique cooking style amalgamates different cuisines to create new, flavorful dishes.

The writer amalgamated several different plotlines to create a cohesive, compelling story.

The music group amalgamated different musical genres to create a unique sound.

The scientists amalgamated different chemicals to create a new compound with unique properties.

The city’s diverse population has amalgamated to create a vibrant cultural scene.

The two teams amalgamated their efforts to complete the project on time.

The art exhibit amalgamated different styles and mediums to showcase a wide range of artistic expression.

The company’s decision to amalgamate its various departments resulted in a more streamlined organizational structure.

The architect amalgamated different design elements to create a beautiful and functional building.

The fashion designer amalgamated different fabrics and styles to create a unique collection.

The musicians amalgamated their talents to create a beautiful, harmonious performance.

The artist amalgamated different materials to create a three-dimensional sculpture.

The writer amalgamated different historical events to create a fictional story that reflected the era.

The chef’s fusion cuisine amalgamated different culinary traditions to create innovative dishes.

The company’s strategy to amalgamate with a competitor resulted in a stronger market position.

The musician amalgamated different instruments to create a new and exciting sound.

The software company amalgamated different programs to create an all-in-one solution for customers.

The teacher amalgamated different teaching methods to engage all students in the classroom.

The artist’s use of light and shadow amalgamated different visual elements to create a striking composition.

The choreographer amalgamated different dance styles to create a modern and dynamic performance.

The chef’s use of spices amalgamated different flavors to create a delicious, complex dish.

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