25+ Accuracy Synonym, Definition, Meaning and Antonym

Accuracy Synonym:-

Accuracy Synonym, Definition, Meaning and Antonym


What is the Meaning of accuracy?

Accuracy refers to the degree of conformity or correctness with respect to a standard or true value, and it involves precision, correctness, and reliability in measurements, calculations, or statements.

What is the Definition of accuracy?

Accuracy is the quality or state of being precise, correct, and free from error or deviation. It refers to the degree of conformity between a measurement or calculation and the actual value or standard.

Antonym of accuracy:-

Accuracy Synonym, Definition, Meaning and Antonym
  1. Inaccuracy
  2. Error
  3. Mistake
  4. Imperfection
  5. Falsity
  6. Inexactness
  7. Unreliability
  8. Imprecision
  9. Fallibility
  10. Untruthfulness
  11. Flawedness
  12. Uncertainty
  13. Impropriety
  14. Incorrectness
  15. Invalidity.

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Accuracy in a sentence:-

The measurements were taken with precision and accuracy.

The accuracy of the report has been verified by multiple sources.

The experiment was conducted with great attention to accuracy.

The satellite can track location with remarkable accuracy.

The calculations were done with a high degree of accuracy.

The company's financial records are maintained with accuracy and transparency.

The weather forecast has a high level of accuracy for the next few days.

The historian's account of the event was praised for its accuracy.

The test results were checked for accuracy before being published.

The aim of the study was to determine the accuracy of the new diagnostic tool.

The machine was calibrated to ensure maximum accuracy.

The survey was designed to gather data with as much accuracy as possible.

The surgeon's precision and accuracy were crucial during the operation.

The map was drawn with great accuracy, showing every detail of the terrain.

The lawyer's argument was based on the accuracy of the evidence presented.

The software was designed to improve the accuracy of language translation.

The company takes accuracy in its product labeling very seriously.

The athlete's aim was to hit the target with complete accuracy.

The accounting software was able to calculate taxes with a high degree of accuracy.

The journalist was praised for the accuracy of their reporting on the breaking news story.

The scale was checked for accuracy before being used to weigh the ingredients.

The research study was conducted with strict attention to accuracy and reliability.

The meteorologist was able to predict the storm's path with remarkable accuracy.

The financial forecast was based on data that had been verified for accuracy.

The historical timeline was created with painstaking accuracy to ensure its authenticity.

The scientific report was praised for its accuracy and attention to detail.

The accuracy of the weather forecast has improved significantly in recent years.

The accuracy of the survey results was called into question due to a small sample size.

The company takes great pride in the accuracy of its financial statements.

The accuracy of the test results was verified through multiple trials.

The detective's accuracy in solving the crime was impressive.

The accuracy of the GPS system allowed the hikers to navigate the trail with ease.

The athlete's accuracy in throwing the ball was a key factor in winning the game.

The accuracy of the historical account was confirmed by multiple sources.

The accuracy of the translation was checked by a native speaker.

The accuracy of the data collected was crucial to the success of the research project.

The journalist's accuracy in reporting the news was praised by her colleagues.

The accuracy of the medical diagnosis was confirmed through further tests.

The artist's accuracy in capturing the likeness of the subject was remarkable.

The accuracy of the student's calculations was checked by the teacher.

The lawyer's accuracy in interpreting the law was crucial to winning the case.

The accuracy of the simulation was confirmed through real-world testing.

The accuracy of the timepiece was certified by a professional watchmaker.

The accuracy of the map allowed the explorers to navigate the unfamiliar terrain.

The accountant's accuracy in balancing the books was essential to the company's financial health.

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