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Abase Synonyms:-

Abase Synonyms and Antonyms
Synonyms for abasedebauch
cast down
synonyms of abase

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My stepmother is a wicked woman who likes to abase small children because she had a miserable childhood.

When my brother misbehaved, my mother would abase him by comparing him to a bad puppy.

Although John was angry with his wife for losing thousands of dollars, he decided not to abase her with cruel words.

In the eyes of the son, the mother-in-law will abase the young wife as a way of insulting her.

abase all, server application and client application implementation followed.

The members of the Political Executive Committee have once again abase themselves.

They can fall into oblivion, and abase themselves in front of their historical oppressors.

The system works with a unique hybrid approach where crowdfunding acts as a crowdsourcer for public investment decisions.

The spiritually wise will separate themselves from the stubborn and self-willed because the face will be powerfully healed and abase.

The more we are stigmatized by substance abase, involvement, or other harmful activities, the more difficult it is to be respected.

It can be used as an abyss layer in multi-layer riding in the South Island, while in the milder North it works equally well as a sole layer under a waterproof jacket.

The members of the Political Executive Committee have once again abase themselves.

The leader’s refusal to abase himself in front of his followers upset the king.

And you protect the abase, but your eyes are on the pride that you bring down.

Desperate for cash, I will no longer abase myself in this outrageous act.

He wanted to abase himself in front of a powerful man, to be humble and humble before him.

When my brother abase, my mother would insult him by comparing him to a bad puppy.

shed your abase; And look at everyone who boasts and insults him.

And his lawyers will have to seriously abase himself before the committee if he wants to avoid a similar fate.

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Thus says the Lord GOD, Remove that hole, and take off the crown; It will never happen again; Elevate the one who is low and abase the one who is high.

If you had to explain to an English learner what “abase ” is, what would you say?

I could not hold my tongue when the abase customer in front of me tried to insult the seller by shouting.

Using the power of the majority to abase and demean such dissidents, however wrong they may seem, will ultimately backfire.

Last weekend 11 million people took to the streets to show solidarity against terror and two days later voted to abase themselves.

Next thing, a penguin will go in, tip its top hat, and abase itself by grumbling inconsolably to the penguin.

And please let me, or any other abuser, know if there is anything else we can do to demean ourselves.

And his lawyers will have to seriously abase himself before the committee if he wants to avoid a similar fate.

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Abase Synonyms FAQ:-

What is Abase definition?

To humiliate or humiliate. He humbled himself before the king. The definition of contempt is to demean someone, either to make him feel humiliated or to actually degrade his position. An example of bullying is abuse or taunting a victim.

What is the noun form of abase?

Definition of abasement
the state or condition of being low in rank, position, fame, or presumption; Degradation: Even in humiliation, his self-respect keeps him in an upward struggle. We need to take a closer look at what is happening to education in our country and challenge its stigma

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